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Coniclysm is an abstract third person shooter where the player assumes the role of an intelligence adapting for survival in a strange new universe.Key Features

  • This isn’t your typical shooter–you will need much more than quick reflexes!
  • Explore the strange universe where everything has a purpose. Unlock its mysteries and use your knowledge to your advantage!
  • Steal abilities from your enemies and use them back at them! Absorb and level up each ability to get closer to universal domination!
  • Brutally hardcore gameplay! Not for the faint of heart… we’re really not kidding!
  • Competitive single player. Can you take over the universe from the previous master? Compare your statistics to others on the online leaderboards!
  • Vibrant out-of-this-world graphics.
  • Featuring Miguel Kertsman’s Time What’s Time orchestra-meets-electronica album!

(Point of clarity: Coniclysm Achievements are not Steam Achievements. They are a way to diversify play-throughs, giving another way to compare players on the leaderboards! We’re sorry for the confusion!)

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