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Dungeons of Dredmor: Conquest of the Wizardlands

Dungeons of Dredmor: Conquest of the Wizardlands

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Deep within the pocket dimensions of the Wizardlands, the mighty Wizardkings plunge their hands greedily into their stashes of magical wizarding booze, desperately searching for more mana. Their time has passed, and they have faded into the drunken myths of obscurity. Some of them can still be seen on street corners, but most people just give them five zorkmids and walk away.

While the Wizardkings have faded into the hangover-fuelled mists of time, their artifacts of power corrupt the world. Powerful wizarding keys, strewn about the Dungeons of Dredmor during a grand night out, threaten the very reality of existence. Mystical wizarding graffiti, spray-painted on the walls during a particularily good party, holds the secrets of other worlds.

Once again, it is time to enter the Dungeons of Dredmor. (If you see the Wizard Triangulon, place his hand gently into a bucket full of warm water.)

Key Features:

  • Explore the Wizardlands!
  • Trade grafitti with your friends and send them to their terrifying deaths!
  • Crust potent, yet instable, crusts on your equipment with the new Encrusting system!
  • Explore your very own pocket dimension, and decorate it to your taste!
  • New Skill Trees: Communism, Banksterism, Magical Law, Egyptian Magic, Paranormal Investigator, and Tourist!
  • Minibosses!
  • New monster types!
  • Diggle Hell! It’s a real place!
  • Two new audio tracks!
  • Wield baffling, incredulous, powerful, and just plain stupid items!
  • Keep Gaslamp Games off of the streets! We’re running out of matches to sell and will soon be forced to start gnawing on our own legs.


  • OS:MS-DOS 5.5
  • Processor:IBM 386 Personal Computer
  • Memory:1 MB RAM
  • Graphics:Hercules Graphics Adaptor
  • DirectX®:5.2
  • Hard Drive:20 MB HD space
  • Sound:Adlib compatible sound card; Roland MT-32; Gravis Ultrasound
  • Additional:640kb should be enough for everybody. Are you brave enough for 640kb?

  • OS:Apple Basic
  • Processor:6502 Microprocessor
  • Memory:1 MB RAM
  • Graphics:NTSC-compatible television monitor
  • Hard Drive:20 MB HD space
  • Sound:Ensoniq 5503 Wavetable Synthesizer
  • Additional:Woz: still a badass, isn’t he?

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