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Flat Kingdom – Soundtrack + Artbook

Flat Kingdom - Soundtrack + Artbook

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The original soundtrack was composed entirely by Manami Matsumae (Mega Man, Shovel knight, Mighty No. 9) and with this you can fully enjoy her beautiful work for Flat Kingdom. This pack includes all the tracks from the game in MP3 format. You can also listen to it on Spotify or iTunes.

The art book contains more than 100 pages and it features some sketches, concepts and commentary by the team. This digital book (PDF) is filled with characters, enemies, backgrounds and even icons and props from the worlds.


1. Flat Kingdom Main Theme 01:31
2 .His Royal Squareness 03:06
3. Diary of Memories 03:10
4. Mysterious Ocean 01:44
5. Crisis in the Kingdom 01:50
6. The Forest Road 01:28
7. Great Lava Warriors 01:48
8. Land of Frozen Souls 01:38
9. The Secret of the Jewels 02:00
10. Mask from the Shadows 03:24
11. Behold Your Destiny 03:20
12. Overcoming a Titan 02:54
13. Across the Third Dimension 02:17

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  • OS: Mavericks

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