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Neo Aquarium Soundtrack

Neo Aquarium Soundtrack

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Stand strong young crustaceans, for no matter how strong the tide moves, we shall always stand tall! With ebb and flow of battle, a different thread of sound drives you forwards.

Our battle cry runs deep an the sonar runs through the ocean. Grab your earphones, your lasers and get ready for your adventure down under.

Featuring Game Music from Neo Aquarium, nearly an hour of music and 15 tracks.

1. Titlecall
2. Beast Select
3. Field Work
4. Home Stay
5. Astaxanthin
6. Logic of Sea
7. Tenga
8. FuJiTuBo
9. Boil to Alive
10. Hard Puncher
11. Camdrian Monster
12. Yellow Submarine
13. Your Ranking
14. Ibiza
15. Sashimi

  • Storage: 120 MB available space

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