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*The images and video are currently of Pre-Alpha footage, once we near release we will update the screenshots and make a better trailer*

*The Demo is currently the Pre-Alpha, once we get near to release we will update the Demo with an up to date version, it will basically be the same thing but a lot better*

Pre-Alpha Demo: http://gamejolt.com/games/new-outbreak/55840

*The Game is currently for Windows Only as shown with the Demo but we are looking at expanding for Mac and Linux after or, if possible, before release*

We have a set Time Frame, we will release New Outbreak before or a small time after August 1st, depending on Certification for Xbox One.

New Outbreak is a 2D top-down zombie survival game. It is currently being released on PC(Steam) and the Xbox One. It allows you to survive how you want to, build the things you want, make friends or enemies, take care of your dog and most importantly, survive. You can craft your own shelters or barricade yourself into a building. To give the game more reason and extend the sandbox experience we have a research system that will allow you to gain blueprints that will give you access to advanced equipment.

We are focusing hard on the SinglePlayer experience to make it not only unique but very fun, Multiplayer is also going to be worked hard on especially coop which will be just like Single Player but with a few others whereas Multiplayer is just populated by other players where you either survive with others or alone.

We have reworked the animation system since the alpha making it more optimised and easier to change, this allows us to add limb severing on Zombies and Bandits which will alter their behaviour and attacks, a Bandit with no arms won’t last long whereas a Zombie with no arms feels no pain and won’t mind chomping away at your flesh, remember go for the brain when fighting undead since they have no use for a beating heart though Bandits sure do, that is until they get up and come after you!

Planned Modes


We may add more stories after release but for now learn the origin of your character and how exactly he/she got to where they begin their journey in sandbox.


The part most people will care about, Sandbox puts you in the midst of an apocalypse, survive any way you can ranging from baricading yourself into buildings to creating your own shelter. Make friends or enemies with Bandits who try to survive just like you, they require what you require, they will scavenge in groups or on their own to find resources to use, if they are low on ammo they will look for ammo, if they have sick without medicine they will look out for medicine, fight them head on or plan your strategy, Starve them, Bring the undead upon them, the opportunities to bring your enemy down are countless. They start off like you but eventually team up and look for resources. And don’t forget your faithful companion, your dog! Who needs looking after as much as anyone else so don’t neglect him/her and they will protect you when you need it most.


Local Is Confirmed, Online may have to be Cut unfortunately.

Survive with others, perish with others or do it all alone. COOP Is Singleplayer with others, Multiplayer is just as it says, just you and other real people. The Local portion will allow you and either someone controlling your dog or another player to survive, just like SinglePlayer but with a friend next to you in real life and on the same screen.


Not much to explain here, just learn the basics!


Since we are a while away from release everything is subject to change (Additions and Removals) as we get through development, though likely small removals and big additions, but what we have written is what’s currently possible and unless all options are exausted we won’t leave out a feature. We want to build a Zombie survival game you will remember for being a well made and fun experience not just ‘another Zombie Survival game’ which is one reason why the game isn’t in early access, to name a few more, 1. We can’t count on continuous updates since we don’t have the funds to make this so other things will get in the way and 2. It’s easier to just release the game once it’s been fully tested and is done so the bugs are minimal and we can fix them though by this point they should be very small issues. If you want to ask us a question or discuss the game feel free to use the forum, we will always be looking there so if you have a question or suggestion feel free to leave it there!

And thank you for checking out our game, we are spending a lot of time to make it great and with your support helps us to continue development!

  • OS: Windows 10 Home
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7600G
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Realtech High Definition Audio
  • Additional Notes: These are early Specs that run the game well, these are subject to change

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