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Sniper Elite V2 – Saint Pierre

Sniper Elite V2 - Saint Pierre

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A Brand New mission. Three New Weapons

General Rodebrecht has been spotted in a small village in rural France. This rising star in the German high command could turn the tide of war against the Allies.

He thinks he’s safe… prove him wrong.

As you manoeuvre down the twisting streets, find an opportunity to strike your enemies where they least expect it. With new weapons at your disposal you’re deadly at long range and up close. You may be outnumbered but you are not outgunned.

New Campaign Mission: Infiltrate the village of St. Pierre, intercept and eliminate General Rodebrecht.

New Strategy: Interconnected streets offer a wealth of tactical opportunities, but the abundant German opposition will provide a stern challenge.

Three New Weapons: The M1D Garand – featuring a rapid fire semi-automatic action, the Polish Blyskawica ‘Lightning’ SMG – light weapon which packs a significant punch and the Russian Tokarev TT-33 – with enhanced accuracy and an eight round clip.

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