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Crashlands Soundtrack

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The sound track for Crashlands, composed by Fat Bard, features all of the music created for the game along with a few remixes. The songs have been fully re-mastered for this release and are in 320kbps MP3 format.


01 Crashlands!

02 BS SS Assess

03 Crashlanded

04 Savannah Suite

05 The Tendraam

06 Build Bossa

07 Night Time

08 Fight Time

09 Bawg Suite

10 The Brubus

11 Tundra Suite

12 The Polari

13 The Final Delivery

14 Crashlands! RAWK Remix

15 Bawg Electro Swingin Remix


17 Night Time Bawg Remix

18 Night Time Tundra Remix

Files will be placed within the Crashlands folder in the Steam Directory: Steam\steamapps\common\Crashlands\Soundtrack

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