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“Dodge and Burn” Deck Key

"Dodge and Burn" Deck Key

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Dack Fayden’s fully unlocked “Dodge and Burn” deck. Dack Fayden is not just a powerful mage but also one of the greatest thieves of his age. Unlike other thieves, he steals—he’d prefer to say “borrows”—not for money but for knowledge. Dack has a special power called psychometry. This allows him to pry into an artifact, figure out how it works, and teach himself the spells it uses. It also gives him visions of the most intense times the object has been used, which can be both horrifying and enlightening. Dack’s spells are like his personality—curious, fiery, and impulsive—as are the creatures that he commands. Evade your opponents and confound them while setting their curtains on fire. You’ll get a taste of what it’s like to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat every time with Dack’s roguish sense of panache. Additional content for Magic 2014. Requires Magic 2014 Expansion.

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