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Don’t Starve Soundtrack


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The official soundtrack from Don’t Starve, the uncompromising wilderness survival game from Klei Entertainment. Containing original instrumental music composed and arranged by Vince de Vera and Jason Garner, this soundtrack DLC contains all of the game music, and a couple extras, in both FLAC and MP3 formats.

Players who purchase this will also get free additional tracks as they are implemented into the game!

Track List:

  • Don’t Starve Theme
  • Dawn
  • Work To Be Done
  • Danger
  • E.F.S.
  • D.R. Style
  • Creepy Forest
  • Dusk
  • Ragtime
  • Cave Work
  • Hoedown
  • Epic Ruins
  • Working the Ruins
  • Fight For Ruin
  • The EFS of Winter
  • Winters Alright For Fighting
  • Working Through Winter
  • Spring Into A Fight – Reign of Giants
  • Spring Cleaning – Reign of Giants
  • For The Glory Of Spring – Reign of Giants
  • Summertime and The Fighting Is Easy – Reign of Giants
  • Summer Jobs – Reign of Giants
  • A Summer Showdown – Reign of Giants
  • Reign of Giants Trailer
  • The Theme To Shipwrecked
  • Working On Island Time
  • On Every Occasion Ready For The Fight
  • Big Time Island Fight
  • Work It Like A Hurricane
  • Fighting On The Storm
  • Fighting The Storm Out
  • Working In The Rain
  • Here Comes The Rainy Fights Again
  • Rainy Days and Epic Fights
  • Working The Heat
  • Feelin Like A Fight Fight Fight
  • When Fights Were Hotter And Lived Near The Water
  • Surfing Everyday
  • Nightsurfing (deserves a quiet night)
  • Sailing The Seas Of DS
  • Sailin In The Moonlight
  • Wilson Vs The Volcano
  • Gonna Blow Yur Top


  • Hard Drive:600 MB HD space

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