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“Hall of Champions” Deck Key

"Hall of Champions" Deck Key

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Elspeth Tirel’s fully unlocked “Hall of Champions” deck. Elpeth Tirel has wandered the Multiverse looking for a place where she can live in peace, but so far only war and death have been her companions. Having faced the nightmare of Phyrexia, any foe seems to pale in comparison, and she won’t allow injustice to take root. Take up the sword and know what it is like to wield Elspeth’s magic of fortification and army building. Grow your forces and overwhelm your enemies with a host of warriors ready to fight for a noble cause. Elspeth has fought long and hard to earn her accolades. Now it is time for you to taste the glory of victorious battle! Additional content for Magic 2014. Requires Magic 2014 Expansion.

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