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Hero & Daughter Artwork

Hero & Daughter Artwork

About This Content
This is the classic story of good old Ralph, on his quest to defeat the diabolical Demon Lord. Ralph has been reduced to Level 1, and must rely on a cast of ladies straight out of the daydreams of the game’s creator in order to succeed on his quest! Now you can add a taste of Hero and Daughter+ to your game with this art pack. This resource pack is optimized for RPG Maker VX Ace.

Download Hero and Daughter+ from here



  • Large scale concept art of the girls
  • One character sheet
  • 45 facesheets with emotions
  • 44 busts/portraits


  • OS: Windows XP or Higher
  • Processor: 1ghz
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Storage: 300 MB available space

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